Opportunities for Children & youth

CtK Trunk or Treat and

Harvest Carnival

October 28, 2018 from 4:30-6:00pm

Wear your best costume and join us for the fun.  ALL ARE WELCOME!


Looking for a devotion to use for your family dinner time? Or this summer? Contact the church office, JP Carlson or Pr. Lindean for devotional ideas, books and/or websites.

infants and toddlers

We love kids! And we encourage parents to bring them to worship and help them to grow in faith through worshiping our Lord with the whole community. Kids learn to worship by worshiping!


We have a cry room adjacent to the sanctuary, which offers breastfeeding moms and fussy babies a more private place to be while still following the worship service. An usher will be happy to show you where it is located. We also have a nursery for children age 0-4 years, staffed by a paid attendant, to provide safe and nurturing care for our youngest members and visitors. The nursery is open every Sunday morning from 8:45-11:30am during the school year (9:45-11:15am during the summer), as well as for some special events. 


In addition to what happens on Sunday mornings, we also subscribe to an electronic newsletter "Frolic" provided by Sparkhouse, a division of Augsburg Fortress Publishers, a resource for families with children ages 0-3 years, intended to help them pass on the faith at home.

Please let the Church Office know if you would like to receive this monthly resource.



Parents, please plan to fill out the Sunday School registration form and medical release (available for download on this page), and bring them with you. Sunday School classes meet in the sanctuary at 9:00am and then go to their designated rooms during the Education Hour, from 9:00-9:50am on Sundays throughout the school year. 


There is a children's message during each service, and we encourage parents to have their children worship with them - after all, we learn to worship by worshiping! NOTE: If your child is reluctant to come up for the children's message, please feel free to accompany them to the front (many parents do this so their child feels "secure".)

We have "Busy Bags" filled with quiet activities like coloring sheets, puzzles, and other small toys to help children stay with their families during worship. The bags are hanging on a "tree" just outside the worship space - pick one up on your way into worship and drop it off again after the service is over. 

We also have a nursery for children age 0-4 years, staffed by volunteer parents (until a new nursery attendant is hired), to provide safe and nurturing care for our youngest members and visitors. The nursery is open every Sunday during the school year from 8:45am-11:30am, 9:45am-11:15am during the summer, as well as for some special events.  



Third grade students receive Bibles from the congregation in the early fall each year. Have questions? Contact Pastor Lindean.

Have a third grade student who would like to receive a Bible from CtK?

Call the church office (587-4131) to let us know how you want the child's name written in the Bible.



Regular Sunday School classes meet during the school year at 9:00am.

Every child needs a Sunday School Registration Form (available for download on this page). 


We hope that children will learn to worship by worshiping with the whole community. Several children's worship aids are offered to help them engage. Busy Bags containing books, puzzles, coloring pages and more are available just outside the sanctuary.

We have Pre-Reader and Reader activity sheets available for children, along with colored pencils.

An usher will be happy to help you find them! 



CtK's approach to teaching Affirmation of Baptism Class (aka Confirmation) to 6th-8th grade youth combines weekly Sunday School classes and family learning at home via take-home resources and an online learning page. Find that page here. For more information please talk to JP Carlson or Pr. Lindean. 


Wednesday evenings, dinner is served for all 6th-12th grade youth from 6:00-6:30pm, followed by a large group activity from 6:30-8:00pm. Want to help? Need more info? Talk to Pr. Lindean or JP Carlson, Director of Children's, Youth & Family Ministries.


During the school year, Sunday School happens (almost) every Sunday at 9:00am in the Library! Several times a year, middle school students bring their parents for a joint ABC class with Pr. Lindean or JP Carlson. 


All Middle School youth are encouraged to participate in the annual Middle School Service Plunge. Many fun activites and service projects will be planned. 

High school


Sunday School is offered at CtK almost every Sunday morning from 9:00-9:45am during the school year. Have any suggestions for Bible Study and conversation topics? Send JP Carlson an email.


Every Wednesday, all High School youth are invited to participate in a Youth Group activity for all 6th-12th graders. All youth will eat dinner from 6:00-6:30pm, gather for a large group activity from 6:30-8:00pm. Need more info?

Talk to JP Carlson, Director of Children's, Youth & Family Ministries. 


All youth involved in any activities sponsored by Christ the King Lutheran Church will need to fill out both the Registration and Medical Release forms (available for download on this page).

For more information please contact JP Carlson, cyf@ctkbozeman.org.

 2019 Gerald I. Erickson Scholarship Application will be posted in early April. Go to the News, Events & Resources tab, and click on Policies and Documents. There are both PDF and Word documents available for you to download or print. Deadlines for applications will be announced as the dates get closer. Need more information? Call the church office, 587-4131.