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Sundays, 9:00-9:45am during the school year.  

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CtK is in the process of writing a grant proposal to submit to Northwest Energy for the procurement and installation of solar panels on the church roof.  As part of our "School of Love" during the season of Lent, our adult forum topic addressed this project.  If you were unable to attend the presentation, you can view it by clicking on the link below:


adult forum - Parables part three

Rev. JP Carlson leads us through discussion on the Parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus.  This is the final session in the three part series on the Parables.  To watch this video, click the link below:

Parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus

adult forum - parables part two

Rev. JP Carlson continues the discussion on the Parables of Jesus.  To watch session two, click on the link below:

Parables of Jesus - Part Two

Bozeman gallatin high school discussion

CtK is currently discussing ways that we can help support our new neighbors, Bozeman Gallatin High School.  If you missed part two of the discussion, you can see it by clicking the link below:

Gallatin High School Discussion - Part Two

adult forum - parables part one

Rev. JP Carlson leads us through a series of lessons on the Parables.  To see Part 1 of this series, click on the link below:

Parables - Part 1

Church council update - adult forum

Marc Beck, CtK Church Council President provided an update on the councils 2019 progress.  Megan Vincent, CtK Church Council Vice President also provided an update on the new Bozeman Gallatin High School and initiated a conversation on how we can support the new school.

If you missed the adult forum presentation, you can view it here:

CtK Church Council Presentation


Pastor Lindean leads us through a discussion on how we can love historically marginalized, oppressed and disenfranchised people living among us in our community.  To watch a video of this adult forum, click on the following link:

Adult Forum Discussion - Loving the Historically Marginalized, Oppressed and Disenfranchised

Please take time to watch the videos shared by Pastor Lindean during the Adult Forum session:

Cracking the Codes:  Joy DeGruy "A Trip to the Grocery Store"

Deconstructing White Privilege with Dr. Robin DiAngelo

The us-mexico border:  it's complicated

with rabbi ed stafman

Did you miss our adult forum and the presentation by Rabbi Ed Stafman on Sunday, March 23rd?  If you're interested in seeing the presentation, you can still do so by clicking on the link below:

RABBI ED STAFMAN - The US-Mexico Border:  It's Complicated

April 7, 2019 - Loving the addicted and those in recovery

Ben von Ullrich leads us through a presentation on loving the addicted and those in recovery during our adult forum.  To view the presentation, click the link below:

Loving the Addicted and Those in Recovery