marks of discipleship

Want to grow in faith? Consider practicing these SIX marks of discipleship:

1. Pray daily.

2. Worship weekly.

3. Read your Bible daily.

4. Serve among and beyond the congregation.

5. Relate to others to encourage spiritual growth (theirs and yours).

6. Give generously.

For more information about the 6 marks of discipleship read Real Faith for Real Life by Mike Foss or check out the links below. 

Prayer: write a prayer request / prayer resources

Worship: about worship in Lutheran congregations

Bible Reading: a schedule to read the whole Bible in one year. 

Bible Study resources/ Daily Discipleship

information about the Book of Faith Initiative

God Pause daily devotion from Luther Seminary

Serve: See the Serve page

Relate: Make a friend, be a friend, introduce your friend to Jesus

Give: Give of your time, your gifts and skills, and the financial resources God has entrusted to your management. The fancy church word for this is "stewardship" - watch this space for more resources on how to grow in faith by giving.