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COVID19 UPDATE -- Updates on CtK activities will be posted on this website. If you are sick, stay home! If you have questions contact Pastor Lindean, lindean@ctkbozeman.org, or call the church office (406-577-2383). Masks are required at all CtK events.


 Sunday, October 18th

10:00am Worship

1:30pm Virtual CROP Walk

5:30pm Youth (Zoom)

7:00pm Adult Forum (Zoom)

Monday, October 19th

7:00-9:00am Rock Youth Center (SH/K)

1:15pm Gather Women’s Study (S)

3:30pm Girl Scouts (SH)

7:00pm EAT (SH)

Tuesday, October 20th

7:00-9:00am Rock Youth Center (SH/K)

12:00pm Men’s Book Group (SH)

12:00pm Women’s Book Group (L)

1:30pm Voice rehearsal (S)

Wednesday, October 21st

8:00am Check In and Prayer (Zoom)

10:00am Staff Meeting (Zoom)

4:00pm Quaternions rehearsal (S)

6:00-8:00pm Youth Group (SH/K)

Thursday, October 22nd

7:00-9:00am Raptor Rock (SH/K)

Friday, October 23rd

7:00-9:00am Raptor Rock (SH/K)

7:00am Small Group (Zoom)

3:30pm Girl Scouts (SH)

Saturday, October 24th

7:30am Men’s Study (Zoom)

8:00am Women’s Study (Zoom)

Sunday, October 25th/Reformation Sunday

10:00am Worship/Third Grade Bible presentation

5:30pm Youth (Zoom)

7:00pm Adult Forum (Zoom)





THIRD GRADE BIBLES Next Sunday, October 25th, Bibles will be presented to all CtK third graders. Please let the church office know how you want your child’s name in the Bible.

ALL SAINTS Send your photos of loved ones you will remember on All Saints’ to office@ctkbozeman.org.by Wednesday, October 29th.

ALTERNATIVE GIVING OPTIONS: Text: Enter the amount you wish to give and text to 406-510-0929. Follow the registration instructions. You will receive a verification text as well as a receipt via email. Electronically via website: Go to ctkbozeman.org and on the HOME page click the GIVE button. Tithe.ly will walk you through the donation process. Automatic donations: Through Vanco services, donations can be processed weekly, bi-weekly, monthly. Let the church office know if you wish to set up automatic giving. Questions? Contact the church office for information about giving electronically.

LIVESTREAMING We are livestreaming the Sunday service on Facebook each week. If you are not able to attend in person, you may also find the services on the CtK Facebook page and YouTube channel.



YOUTH GROUP 6-12th Grade: Wednesdays, 6:00-8:00pm, dinner will be provided ($2/person). Please wear masks.

SUNDAY SCHOOL Pre-K-12th grade: Due to COVID-19, we are no longer able to meet for Sunday school in person this fall.  While we aren't able to meet together, there are several things that families can do to engage in the spiritual formation of their children.  One idea is to use "An Illustrated Invitation For Families" curriculum that has been purchased by Christ the King.  To hear more about this program from JP Carlson, Director of Children's, Youth and Family Ministry at CtK, and to download the curriculum go to the CtK website, ctkbozeman.org, under Learn: "Sunday School 2020".

ADULT FORUM 7:00pm, Sundays, (Zoom, meeting ID: 856 0177 1559) Join Pastor Lindean online for Bible study based on Old Testament scholar Walter Bruggemann’s book “Interrupting Silence”.

JOIN A BIBLE STUDY OR SMALL GROUP (call for more info on groups, 577-2382; those groups not meeting now have “TBA” listed as their next meeting time, below)

Tuesday Book Studies: 12:00pm, Men’s (CtK Patio/SH); Women’s (CtK L)

Youth Group,  Wednesdays, 6:00-8:00pm, (JP Carlson, 577-2382)

Lutheran Campus Ministry Christus Collegium (714 S. 8th Ave., 586-3172) Wednesdays, 8:15-9:15pm. Wear a mask

“EAT”: Young Adult Spiritual Formation, 7:00pm every other Monday, next 11/2 (SH) (JP Carlson, 577-2382)

Prayer Shawl Ministry, (Jeanette Hughes, 570-7368) TBA

Friday Small Group, 7:00am, every other Friday (Zoom) (Pastor Lindean, 577-2382) Next 10/30

MSU Faculty/Staff Book Group, (Kristin Harney, 548-8336) TBA

Saturday Bible Studies Men’s: 7:30am (CtK Patio or Zoom) (Dave Hughes, 595-3381); Women’s: 8:00am (Zoom) (Roxanne Hoblitt, 539-1189)

CtK Quilters TBA

If you don’t see a group you are interested in or a time you are available to participate, please call the church office and let’s talk about other possibilities! 577-2382.


CROP WALK to feed the hungry, TODAY, October 18th.  Donate on behalf of the Christ the King team or to participate, at https://www.crophungerwalk.org/bozemanmt

RAPTOR ROCK The Rock Youth Center will be using CtK’s lawn and social hall as a new site for Gallatin High School. Volunteers needed, 6:45am-9:00am, Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, Friday. Volunteers can sign up for one day a week or all four, one hour or whatever they are available. It will take many volunteers to make it work. Interested in learning more? Check in with Pr. Lindean, lindean@ctkbozeman.org for more info.

LUTHERAN DISASTER RESPONSE Partnering with many ELCA Synods across the United States to support relief efforts. Gifts marked “LDR” will be sent to LDR for this and other current disaster relief efforts.

RUN FOR YOUR LIFE Support The Help Center and Suicide Prevention. CtK has a our own course, 5k starts 10:30am, kid’s 1k with costume parade begins at 12:00pm. Volunteers needed for water stations and Super Silly Spooky Space (this event replaces our usual Trunk or Treat. Contact JP Carlson for more information.


    worshiping in the sanctuary (during covid)

    When we closed the doors to the sanctuary following worship on March 15th, no one expected it to be seven months before we would be worshiping in that space again, and even though we aren't sure what this will look like, we do know it will be different.

    To protect all attending worship in-person, the CDC guidelines for re-openings will be strictly followed. 

    • For the time being, Sunday School and Adult Forum will not meet on Sunday mornings before worship. At-home Sunday School materials are available. Contact JP for more information, cyf@ctkbozeman.org. Adult Forum will meet on Zoom at 7:00pm Sunday evenings (Meeting ID: 856 0177 1559).
    • Masks will be required in the building for everyone over the age of four years. (We have disposable masks if you forget yours.)
    • Only the Southeast entrance will be open (doors nearest the church office).
    • One person/family will be admitted at a time (allowing for social distancing - please do not congregate in the entry way, stay six feet apart on the sidewalk).
    • Your name and phone number will be recorded when you enter and you will be encouraged to use hand sanitizer.
    • An usher will seat you (maintaining social distancing). Overflow seating will be in the social hall. Chances are good you'll get to worship in a new seat! (Think of it as the Spirit giving you a new perspective!)
    • Please keep your coat and belongings will you in the sanctuary.
    • No one will be allowed to wander the building. 
    • The restroom closest to the office will be the only restroom in the building open Sunday morning.
    • The nursery will be open for children age four and under.
    • The cry room will be open for nursing moms and for diaper changes.

    During the worship service there will also be a few changes made, to limit contact with shared items and limit aerosols dispersed in the room:

    • Bulletins with the whole service printed will be distributed and the liturgy will be projected. Bibles and hymnals have been removed from the pews. If you want to follow the readings in a Bible, feel free to bring your own!
    • There will be no congregational singing.
    • There will be no contact during passing of the peace. You can wave and smile (even under your mask).
    • The offering plate will not be passed, but will be placed near the sanctuary doors to receive your offering.
    • Ushers will direct the flow of traffic during communion.
    • Communion cups (both wine and white grape juice) are spaced enough so there is no need to touch more than your cup. Communion preparers wear gloves and masks when setting up.
    • Wafers will be distributed using tongs (both gluten free and regular wafers).

    It is everyone's responsibility to pay close attention to their health and stay at home if they are unwell. Anyone experiencing symptoms of Covid-19, or who has been in contact with someone who is symptomatic or has had a positive Covid-19 test and is still contagious, should stay at home. 

    Here is a health self-assessment check list:

    • Fever or feeling feverish
    • Chills
    • A new cough
    • Shortness of breath
    • A new sore throat
    • New muscle aches
    • New headache
    • New loss of smell or taste
    • Awaiting Covid-19 test results
    • Have been told to quarantine or isolate for any reason

    If you have any of these, please remain at home and contact your health care provider.  We cannot state this enough  . . . If you are sick, please stay at home! Help stop the spread of germs! 

    If you join us for in-person worship Sunday mornings, and become ill during the worship service, please inform an usher and they will assist you when exiting the facility, and then let the staff know. If you joined us for worship and later find you are experiencing symptoms, please contact a member of the CtK staff immediately (577-2382).

    We all need to do our part to keep our community healthy, safe and Covid free. That said, it is impossible to eliminate all risk. If you are especially vulnerable, please worship at home, the service will be livestreamed each week at
    facebook.com/ctkbozeman and posted later on Facebook and YouTube.

    CtK newsletters

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