For the safety and well-being of all participants, masks and social distancing will continue to be required while attending in person (inside) services at Christ the King Lutheran.

Masks are optional while we gather for worship on the CtK lawn.

Fourth Sunday after Pentecost

Sunday, June 20th, 2021


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This coming Sunday we hear of Jesus stilling the storm. We join with the disciples in the boat of the church—we call our church space a “nave”: think “navy”—and pray for Jesus’ presence and power in our midst through all life’s storms.

Readings for this week:

Job 38:1-11

At the end of the book of Job, after Job and his companions have argued about the cause of the great suffering Job endures, God finally speaks. These verses begin that speech, which is a grand vision of creation, describing God's ordering of the cosmos and inviting Job to marvel at its beauty.

2 Corinthians 6:1-13

Paul and his fellow workers experience great hardships and even rejection while carrying out their missionary work. Nevertheless, Paul continuously proclaims that God has not rejected us but is graciously working for our salvation.

Mark 4:35-41

Jesus' calming of the storm on the sea reveals his power over evil, since the sea represents evil and chaos. The boat on the sea is a symbol of the church and invites us to trust God amid life's turbulence. 

NOTE: Worship is livestreamed on the CtK YouTube channel, and begins promptly at 10:00am. Wait for worship to begin or log in again closer to 10:00am. (The outside services will not be streamed on the CtK Facebook page due to low bandwidth and new/revised Facebook regulations.)

If you missed last week's service it can be found on  the CtK YouTube channel.

In our prayers this week:

  • This nation, for justice, peace, and wisdom;
  • Richard Huber, recently deployed to Kuwait; and all others serving for our military overseas;
  • Sharon Amor and family at the death of her son, Mike;
  • Hailey and Matt Porter and family at the death of Hailey's grandfather;
  • Allison and Kris Olsen and family at the death of Allison's father, Peter Wynhoff;
  • Individuals who are ill, injured, or in special need, and those who have requested prayers: Bill and Christine, Dean, Scott, John, Rosanne, Paul, Claire, Bob, Butch, Luke;
  • All those affected by the corona virus around the world and locally - those who are ill and healthcare workers caring for the infected;
  • Pastors, pastoral leaders, LPAs and congregation and ministry leaders across the synod as they find ways to serve their communities and congregations;
  • Families and individuals seeking asylum, all refugees, and children separated from their parents;
  • Our bishops, the Rev. Dr. Laurie Jungling and the Rev. Elizabeth Eaton;
  • These ministries of the Montana Synod and the ELCA: Christ Lutheran, Big Sandy; Messiah Lutheran and First Lutheran, both Havre; and the New Jersey Synod.

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worship (during normal times)

We gather for worship Sunday mornings at 10:00am. Child care is offered at all worship services. Please come as you are and join us! We use a variety of liturgical and blended forms for worship, and we are a congregation who loves to sing old hymns, contemporary praise songs and music from our Christian brothers and sisters around the world. We celebrate the Lord's Supper (Holy Communion) at each Sunday morning service, and all are welcome to the table. The pastors offer a children's message at each service. Their sermons connect the Bible with life today.

During Advent (the four weeks before Christmas) and Lent (the 6 weeks before Easter) we gather for worship on Wednesday evenings (6:30pm), usually preceded by a simple supper of soup and bread (6:00pm). 

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