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Psalm 36:5-10

How exquisite your love, O God!
     How eager we are to run under your wings (Ps 36:9)

David begins Psalm 36 by naming wickedness and follows it with words of praise for the God who keeps wickedness at bay. As we wander through the darkness, we wonder just who is this God we worship, we pray to, we hear of, who is this God in whom we trust. David succinctly describes for us this God to whom we sing praises. 

God is exquisite love. In Him there is cause for hope; even in our sinfulness God shows His faithfulness and amazing grace. Not just to those who make it to church every Sunday, but to those who are homeless, brokenhearted, in prison, those for whom there is no justice, those without hope.  

God’s love extends to all people. God is righteous, saving humans and animals alike, showing justice to all His precious creation. God calls us to seek protection under His wings. Here God feeds us at His table. Here is life-giving water. Here His light shines in the darkness, so all will know that God’s steadfast, unfailing, continuous love is theirs. This is the God in whom we trust.

Pastor Tonia Fisher 
St. James Lutheran Church, Columbus, Montana