To sign up for current volunteer opportunities during worship, click on our sign-up sheet.

God has uniquely equipped every person in the Church with specific skills and gifts. As Christians, we are tasked with utilizing these gifts in our community and within our local church. Using your God-given skills as a volunteer is a fantastic way to serve the church.

Volunteering has a spiritual benefit as well. By volunteering, an individual will often want to dive deeper into the life of the church. At the same time, they serve not only as a helping hand, but also as a witness of the Gospel message within the community.

Scripture Reader

Reading the scripture lessons is an easy way to get more involved in worship at CtK!  We encourage children who are good oral readers to participate in worship through this opportunity.  Readers will read both the first and second lessons as well as the Psalm when included.    You will be provided with the readings ahead of time so you will be familiar with what you will be reading.  To volunteer for this opportunity, contact Tana at media@ctkbozeman.org or sign up online at:  Christ the King Lutheran Church: Scripture Readers (signupgenius.com)

Communion Bread Baker

We will provide you with the recipe for baking loaves of communion bread for worship.  We ask that you prepare the bread about once a month.  Bread can be baked a few days ahead, wrapped and delivered to Christ the King.

If you think you could bake communion bread contact the church office (406-577-2382) for the recipe and let them know which dates you want to do this. 

You can find the recipe for communion bread here:  COMMUNION BREAD


We need individuals to help with welcoming people to worship, distributing bulletins, directing people to communion and gathering offerings during worship.  Does that sound like something you can help with?  Be part of the ushering team by contacting Tana at media@ctkbozeman.org  or sign up online at:  Christ the King Lutheran Church: USHERS (signupgenius.com)

Offering Counter

We need individuals to be part of the team for counting offerings.  Trainings and/or pairing you with an experienced counter will help you feel comfortable with this task. You will be assigned to a two-three person team to count once a month following worship.  This usually takes 20-30 minutes.  Your task will be to count the funds and prepare the deposit for the bank (written instructions are available, along with a laptop).  To be a part of this important team, contact Tana at media@ctkbozeman.org

Assisting Minister

Assisting ministers help the congregation by leading the Creed and reading the Intercessory prayers, along with other parts of the liturgy, and possibly serving communion.  If you are interested in assisting, please contact Tana at media@ctkbozeman.org