In Our Prayers
This Week: March 3rd, 2024

Trusting in God's good news of great joy for all people, we offer our prayers for ourselves, our neighbors, and the world God loves.

This week we pray --

-- For all suffering from war or those being persecuted because of their faith;

-- For all across the whole world who are suffering from results of extreme weather events;

-- Those Individuals who are hospitalized, ill, injured, or in special need, and those who have requested prayers include: Kris, Chuck, Marcia, Will, Kimber, Sharon, Marcia, Tina, Margaret, Amy, Sean, Luke;

-- For all individuals suffering from the effects of alcoholism and/or addictions and their families;

--- For continued "safe" release of the packathon meals, and for safety for God's people in Haiti;

-- Families and individuals seeking asylum, all refugees, and children separated from their parents;

-- Our bishops: Rev. Laurie Jungling and Rev. Elizabeth Eaton;

-- These congregations and ministries of the Montana Synod: American Lutheran, Harlowton; First American Lutheran, Hardin; and the Western Iowa Synod.

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