In Our Prayers
This Week: November 27th, 2022

Pray always. Do not lose heart.This is Christ's encouragement. Wrestle with the word. Remember your baptism again and again. Come regularly to Christ's table. Persistence in our every encounter with the divine will be blessed.

-- Those Individuals who are hospitalized, ill, injured, or in special need, and those who have requested prayers include:  Dave Casto family, Barbara, Kristi, Scott, Julie, Kelly, Bob, Sharee, Chuck, Maxine, Rudy, Wally, Bill and Christine, Luke;

-- For the family of Tina Sheppard at the death of her surrogate father, Paul Philips, this past week; 

--- For all living and working in the path of destruction felt by Hurricanes Ian and Nicole;

-- Families and individuals seeking asylum, all refugees, and children separated from their parents;

-- Our bishops: Rev. Laurie Jungling and Rev. Elizabeth Eaton;

-- These congregations and ministries of the Montana Synod: First English Lutheran, Bainville; First Lutheran, Wolf Point; and Spirit of Life Lutheran, Poplar; as well as the Southeastern Iowa Synod.

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