In Our Prayers
This Week: September 24th, 2023

In our gathering around the word and meal we receive strength to be signs of comfort, healing, and justice for those in need.

This week we pray --

-- For all the victims and families of the wars on Ukraine and in Sudan;

-- For all in the United States who are suffering from the result of severe weather this summer;

-- Those Individuals who are hospitalized, ill, injured, or in special need, and those who have requested prayers include:  Patty, Ginger D., Patty, Christine G., Jerry S., Dean and Linda B., Larry N., Joyce B., Margaret J., Luke D.;

-- For all who mourn: the Nagy family, at the death of Jon's mother and son; Danica, at the death of her mother;

--- For continued "safe" release of the packathon meals, safe delivery to the Haitian schools, and for safety for God's people in Haiti;

-- Families and individuals seeking asylum, all refugees, and children separated from their parents;

-- Our bishops: Rev. Laurie Jungling and Rev. Elizabeth Eaton;

-- These congregations and ministries of the Montana Synod: Immanuel Lutheran, Westby; Pella Evangelical Lutheran, Sidney.

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