Sunday Morning

First Sunday in Advent

Sunday, November 28th, 2021 10:00am

As we begin Advent with the “Little Apocalypse” in Luke 21, we remember how far from home we are.

The world is not as it should be. Many have lost their physical homes, many feel alone, and many are isolated. Many of us feel as if we are wandering with no clear way forward. This first week speaks to our deep longing—for our home to be made whole, made right, and made well. With deep longing, we watch for God. Thankfully, God enters a homesick world.

Readings for this week:

Jeremiah 33:14-16

In the Old Testament, "righteousness" often has to do with being faithful in relationship. God acts righteously both in punishing Israel for its sin and in having mercy. In today's reading, Jerusalem's future name -- "The Lord is our righteousness" -- proclaims that God is even now working salvation for Israel.

1 Thessalonians 3:9-13

Upon Timothy's report from the congregation at Thessalonica, Paul is exuberant with gratitude for them. In this passage from his letter, Paul voices overflowing thanks, joy, and blessings for the people of this growing church.

Luke 21:25-36

God will fulfill God's purposes and, already, hidden signs of that fulfillment abound. On that great day there will be dismay, perplexity, confusion, and terror, but God's people shall be given strength to stand boldly and receive God's promised redemption.

NOTE: Worship is livestreamed on the CtK YouTube channel, and begins promptly at 10:00am. Wait for worship to begin or log in again closer to 10:00am. 

If you missed last week's service it can be found on the CtK YouTube channel.

In our prayers this week:

  • This nation, for justice, peace, and wisdom;
  • For Afghanistan, those affected by violence; families and individuals seeking asylum and all refugees and children separated from their parents; 
  • For those in our companion synod, the Cape Orange Diocese of South Africa as the country is in the grips of violent political protest;
  • For Richard Huber, deployed to Kuwait; and all members of our military overseas and serving here;
  • Individuals who are ill, injured, or in special need, and those who have requested prayers: Trinity, Ramy, Jim, Ric, Freddie, Betty, Elijah, Ellen, Bill and Christine, Claire, Paul, Butch, Luke;
  • All those affected by the corona virus around the world, especially here in Montana - those who are ill and healthcare workers caring for the infected;
  • Pastors, pastoral leaders, LPAs and congregation and ministry leaders across the synod as they find ways to serve their communities and congregations;
  • Our bishops, the Rev. Dr. Laurie Jungling and the Rev. Elizabeth Eaton;
  • These ministries of the Montana Synod and the ELCA: Lutheran Church of the good Shepherd, Billings; the Southeastern Pennsylvania Synod; and the Southeastern Synod.


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