Manna and Mercy
Congregation-Wide Learning
This winter and spring, CtK will have a congregation-wide learning initiative using Manna and Mercy: A Brief History of God's Unfolding Promise to Mend the Entire Universe, by Daniel Erlander, during Sunday School and Adult Forum. Manna and Mercy is a graphic novel of sorts, written with imagination, clarity, humor, and cartoons. Built around the twin themes of food sharing and forgiveness, it helps us to look at scripture with new eyes and rediscover how it can become a means of life and grace rather than destruction and death. Thanks to a Thrivent Action Team grant, copies of the book will be available to Adult Forum participants. Don't miss this great opportunity to learn, all together!

Registration is now open for the Children, Youth and Family Ministry events at Christ the King.  We ask that adults complete the more comprehensive registration once per school year for each child that will attend events at CtK.  Once this is complete, you can simply register the child for individual events by providing their name on a simplified registration.  If you have questions about registration or events, please contact Andrea Keene, Director, Children, Youth and Family Ministry at or call her at 406-577-2382.